One Dance with a Stranger: Excerpt 1

I love Calgary – a huge, sprawling city in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  A thriving metropolis that maintains it’s cowboy roots regardless of all else happening.  I love cowboys, country music and especially that country atmosphere that surrounds this exciting city.

So it was only natural I would explore the fascinating character of a true cowboy and create my irresistible hero – my perfect cowboy.

Contemporary RomanceOne Dance with a Stranger Excerpt #1:

4. Cover of One Dance New

She continued to squirm to no avail.  She couldn’t seem to summon the energy to break his hold.  Then suddenly he dropped her hand and he placed both hands on her hips.  She moaned and grabbed his right hand again.  He allowed her that small concession, twining his fingers with hers.  But his other hand slid along her hip to her lower back, pressing her closer.  The gliding motion caused her heart to pound.  How could just one dance cause such erotic feelings?  And how could she of all people be feeling this way with a man she didn’t even like?

“Please don’t do this to me.”  She was begging but didn’t care.  She had to stop him.

“What’s wrong darlin’?  I thought you were enjoying this.”  His voice dripped with concern.

“Just don’t talk anymore and sing either.  Just dance,” She felt his sultry voice in her chest and slipping lower.  Her ears were buzzing.  “I think I’m going to start screaming.”

“I can’t believe you’re not enjoying this, my little playboy bunny.  Your body sure says you do.”  His voice revealed her darkest secret so easily.

“How did you know?”   Then she answered herself, trying to place scorn into her voice.  “What a stupid question.  Of course you enjoy girlie magazines and you lived in Texas.”

She knew if her secret was revealed then she would be left with nothing.  She realized she was fast losing everything.  The anguish was unbearable.

“I saw your picture every day for many years, darlin’, when I was sitting in my prison cell.”  Wade shifted slightly to look down in her into her strained face.

She knew her face was white.  They were now standing still, just staring into each other’s eyes.  She couldn’t even look around to see if anyone was watching.  Smiling easily he began to maneuver her backwards.

“Now we’ve shared our secrets.  We’re even.   What should we do about it?”

His smile was wicked.  His eyes burned with passion.  His hand nudged her lower back and she moved back against him.

Oh please help her for she didn’t find his touch even remotely disgusting.  After all this time her body and mind were both betraying her with a full vengeance.  For the first time in her life Emily felt desire licking through her veins with anguished reality.  Startled, she looked up into his knowing eyes.

“I don’t even like you.”  She whispered her denial.  “And I don’t like your voice either.”

4. Back Cover - One Dance


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