Hawk’s Gift: Excerpt 2

Bobbie turned her back on him.  What was he getting so huffy about?  He was drunk and he was French.  “I did ask you to speak English and you can’t. And that’s why I said maybe not too intelligent.  All intelligent people know English is the only truly civilized…” She turned to face him again.

Grimacing, he turned and moved to the window, lifting it and peering outside.  “Bon, un balcon, Vien,

“Pardon me?”  Bobbie stared at him, puzzled.

Did she understand him correctly?  Did he want her to crawl out the window?  Was it possible?  She hadn’t even started to plead her case yet.

Her gaze moved to the large bed, which took up the majority of floor space in this tiny room.  The covers were tousled and soiled, indicating the type of activity performed here.  Her stomach began churning again.

“Please speak English.  I can’t understand you.”  She whispered, unable to move.

Impatiently, Damien came back to grab her arm and he began pulling her towards the window.  He was going to leave!  Excitement surged within.  He was going to help her escape.

“Wait,” Suddenly she stopped short, trying to dig her heels into the hard wooden floor.  “Where are we going?”

Aunt Hortense always said not to trust a man.  ‘If they are willing to do something for you, then surely they’ll want something dreadful in return’.  Bobbie could still hear her words, although dear Aunt Hortense had passed away nearly a year ago.

A blank stare crossed Damien’s features.

“Why would you help me?”  Bobbie managed to croak out.  Her tongue tip licked against her dry lips.

Damien’s eyes were suddenly smouldering.  Then he shook his head and raised his eyebrows in a mocking manner.  He chuckled.

“Damien, you god-damned bastard, there ain’t no thousand dollars here.”  The muted sound of Gertrude’s rage sounded through the closed door.

Then Bobbie could hear heavy footsteps on the stairs.

C’pourquoi.”  Damien smiled.  Picking her up, he hoisted her out the window and onto the verandah.

Grabbing her hand, he continued moving swiftly towards the outdoor stairs.  “Let’s get out of here, mignonne.”

Perplexed, Bobbie stumbled along behind him.  He spoke English with an intriguing Scottish accent.

Hawk's Gift by Mary M. Forbes


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