Hawk’s Gift: Excerpt 1

Growing up I heard very young about the Riel Rebellion – Canada’s Civil War.  I knew as I roamed the isolated prairies around our farm I was riding those exact same wild plains as those natives did in the past.  From my travels and experiences Hawk’s Gift was born.

Historical RomanceHawk’s GiftExcerpt #1:

He was the son of a Metis hunter.  She was the daughter of an aristocrat.  How he knew this, Damien wasn’t sure.  Maybe it was the way she stood, tall and arrogant, although she wasn’t much over five feet.  Perhaps it was the way she was wringing her slender, white fingers or the look of utter confusion in her green, cat-like eyes.  That bewitching gaze was turned in his direction, begging him to help her.  And Damien, being the true gentleman he knew himself to be, raised his hand and quietly bid one thousand dollars for the little wench.

He had no idea where he was going to get that kind of money.  Nor did he care.  The gleaming metal pistol he held ominously in his low-slung holster and his huge roan horse, tied outside the saloon were more than sufficient to ensure he got whatever he desired.  He had no use for money and a thousand dollars was a ludicrous amount to pay for a bit of fluff, virgin or not.

Still, he couldn’t very well let Joseph Mills have her either.  Joe was notorious for mistreating horses and women.  And this petite fille would be fortunate to come away with her life if Joe got his hands on her.  Mon Dieu, what ran through a female’s mind to make her enter this prostitute profession?

Roberta Taylor, Bobbie to her friends, was never so petrified in her whole nineteen years.  She was on a stage with a crowd of horrid looking men ogling her like dogs slavering over a tasty piece of meat.  She felt icy-cold and thoroughly violated.  How dare they?  And how dare Gertrude ignore her pleas?  She had no means of escape, all because this – stupid woman was holding her immobile and with the help of her enormous bodyguard as well.

When she heard Damien’s un mille dollars, her mouth dropped open.  Men would actually pay a thousand dollars for their selfish pleasure?

Hawk's Gift by Mary M. Forbes


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