Alberta Wild Rose: Excerpt 1

Hazy blue air hovers over the ‘Blue’ Canadian Rockies – increasing the feeling of a mystery surrounding the awesome sight.  From Calgary those white-capped, etched mountains give the impression they are painted on the sky.

Growing up on the prairies (which really aren’t flat until you see the mountains) the first time I saw the mountains I felt awe and intimidation.  Their mystery is very palpable. When I read the little known Legend of the cursed Lost Lemon Mine, I was further enthralled and often felt a strong desire to explore and find the mine.  Driving through Crowsnest Pass, southwest of Calgary, always turns my thoughts to this fascinating legend.  Alberta Wild Rose was born from those feelings – an imaginary search for the treasure.

Historical RomanceAlberta Wild RoseExcerpt #1:

Fighting dizziness as well as his nearness, she tried biting down on her assailant’s palm, only to find she was further abused as his hand moved into her parted lips.  Like a steel horse bit, one finger strained her lips tightly back until she felt as though they were tearing apart.  She tasted the salty tang of her own blood.

“Please, you can’t,” through the thundering roar in her ears, Rose recognized the voice of the hotel clerk, Mr. Johnson.  “This is Miss O’Neill’s room.  I assure you, she would not harbor an Indian in there.”

“Then why the hell ain’t she answering?”  A voice snarled.

“I believe she went out to watch the parade.  I didn’t see her come back,” Mr. Johnson continued.  “Please stop.  You have no right disrupting my guests in this manner.  The window at the end of the hall is open.  Your man is mostly likely long gone by now.”

Tears flooded Rose’s eyes.  What had possessed her to come up the back stairs?  Why hadn’t she gone through the lobby where Mr. Johnson would have seen her?

The heavy sound of many booted feet receded, quickly.  The men scurried down the back stairs.

The hand on her mouth eased back slightly.  Rose’s smarting eyes cleared.  A hazy vision emerged.  Long, inky black hair brushed against wide shoulders.  Her gaze slowly moved up to his square jaw and wide, sensual lips.  His eyes were gleaming coals, startlingly beautiful as they shone from beneath heavy brows and thick lashes, absurdly long for a man.  His aquiline nose and high, angular cheekbones dispelled any notion of femininity.  She was aware that his chest and arms were naked and pressing into her bosom.

Revulsion battled with hypnotic wonder.  No man had ever dared touch her in such a familiar manner.  Even as she realized a barbaric heathen was holding her captive, she was conscious he was the most intriguing male she had ever encountered.  Moaning her growing confusion, she felt herself sink into a welcome darkness.

Alberta Wild Rose by Mary M. Forbes


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