Unintentional Breaks

Getting ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with my family, I was also deep into discovering the mysteries that plague a self-published author as well.

Then just over a week before Christmas someone took my fate out of my hands.  After a few hours of burning, unbearable pain I asked my husband to take me to the hospital.  After blood-tests and C.A.T. scans as well as X-rays, I was rushed into surgery to have my Appendix removed.  The nurses, doctors kept asking on a scale of one to ten…  and I readily gave the pain a 9 each time.  I will always reserve 10 for child-birth only.  (Perhaps to keep men guessing as is my way).  Some mysteries will always remain mysteries for at least half the population.

My recovery was swift after the operation.  I am nearly whole again (minus an appendix) after only a few weeks.  I am in awe of modern surgery that makes this possible.  A little incision in my belly-button is healing compared to my sister’s ancient surgery of a huge cut across her abdomen.  Thank you for modern technology.

I didn’t forget my writing, so much as felt too weak and lazy to pursue them.  Now I’m back and concentrating on my work again. Welcome Year 2013.  I look forward to all you will offer.

7 thoughts on “Unintentional Breaks

  1. Welcome back ! I had my gall bladder removed when the surgeon cautioned me that an emergency operation would set me back 2-6 weeks. When I got the call for laser surgery, I ran to the hospital where I was in and out in a day with a recover time of about a week. My belly-button was what hurt the most until I stopped wearing anything around the waist.
    Happy to know you are in writing form!

  2. Thanks Lesley. I’m glad you recovered so fast. It’s amazing what doctors can do now. I am healing very well. But now I go away for a holiday. I’m going to the Dominican Republic for February. It’s a wonderful way to recoup. We Canadians sure know how to spend winters, I think.

  3. I’m glad to hear you are recovering so quickly. Enjoy your vacation and it would be fun to get in touch again. Happy writing.

      • I’m so glad to hear from you too – and to see you are doing so well with your writing! Both my kids are in Calgary. When you decided to move to Calgary, spring is the time to do it for sure. Of course you’re so much younger than me you can handle the winters, eh? As for me….. I like it here in White Rock. Me and the rest of the old farts. My cousin is here also. Drop a line when you find time. Bye for now, Lyn

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