Paradise on the Horizon: Excerpt 1

From the time I was little I was fascinated with North American western history. Living in Canada’s west, with its’ low population and vast lands I learned there is still a way to explore and discover new horizons.  Canada’s rich history is virtually unexplored and undocumented in a fiction manner at this time.  Meet my ‘New West’.

At the turn of the century (1900’s) there were many events happening in the west.  Russia was in absolute turmoil with communist forces gaining power.  Russia allowed a pacifist religious sect migrate to Canada – the Doukhobors.  The infamous marching naked by the ‘Sons of Freedom’ searching for Utopia is a historical fact.  My heroine, a Russian Princess escapes with the Doukhobors.  From a Princess to a farmer is a shock she must learn to deal with.

At the same time Canadian Forces were fighting under British direction in the Boer War in South Africa.  When the English public heard rumors of abuse and rape there, Kitchener decided to come down hard on these atrocities.  My hero is a soldier, wrongly accused of rape and court-marshaled.

And to further tie actual events into my story – Reverend Lloyd Barr decided to start a colony on the Saskatchewan/Alberta border – a place now called Lloydminister. He wanted only good English stock for his settlement  Unfortunately, the farmers in England were not about to leave their fertile lands and he only got some aristocrats down on their luck to street, town-dwellers to come to Canada. None were farmers. The Doukhobors were excellent farmers.

And that is how my princess meets her soldier.

Historical Romance:  – Paradise on the Horizon.  –  Excerpt:

“What are you doing?”  Standing, Luke managed to bring his shotgun up, pointing it ominously at the strange vision before him.

“No.  You will not do this.”

Screeching like a wildcat, the old crone sprang at him.  He barely had time to think before she hit him squarely on his chest, wrestling the rifle from his frostbitten fingers.  Panting heavily, she flung it into the icy slush.

Stunned, Luke felt stinging pricks against his frozen face and shoulders as she violently beat against him, following him down as he fell to the ground.

Instinctively, he reached and his massive fist connected with her chin.

He pushed the sagging form away from his pinned body.  Rolling over, he came to rest savagely on top her.  His hands held her slender wrists above her head.  Hearing her frantic moans, he peered down into her squinting features.  Another shock ripped through him.  She was no old crone.

Instead the most sultry, magnificent blue eyes opened, glaring with stormy hostility up into his face.  Her oval face was boldly stunning and completely unlined.  Her pouting lips trembled, so tempting and kissable he felt an immediate jolt of response in his groin.

Paradise on the Horizon by Mary M. Forbes


2 thoughts on “Paradise on the Horizon: Excerpt 1

  1. I did learn some of the Boer War (in South Africa) and that was it – in school. Not about the public being outraged about rumors of rape though. I read Pierre Burton’s the Promised Land about the Doukhobor migration and of course the rumor of the ‘Sons of Freedom’ naked march was buzzing around where I lived. It was in Saskatchewan farmlands not far away. We all knew about that. It wasn’t taught in school. I’ve been researching since I was a kid – and a really good way for me was to find out how some of these towns were started. I have three book shelves of research books – all on the mainly the Canadian West – and some on the American west too. I love history – especially ours – which just happens but isn’t that well-known. Right now I’m living in a town where one of the prominent citizens – was a notorious train robber and have visited the caves he supposedly stashed his loot. Have you heard of Billy Miner? Fascinating stories are all around me.
    Thanks for asking. Yes – I find making a fiction story around true events is exciting. When they tie in together I get so excited.

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