Merry Christmas – A Feeling

Of all my childhood memories, Christmas holds a special place inside.  From Christmas Concerts with carols and the Christmas pageant – the anticipation, hope and peace  – there is nothing that will replace Christmas in my heart. I personally think all and every child should have this feeling of goodwill and happiness that Christmas creates.

I am puzzled why this experience would be controversial or be denied anyone especially a child. Nothing I receive in my life now can replace family, friends and the feeling of Christ’s birth bringing me peace and joy.

Jesus was, at least, a good man.  His teachings are generosity, love, hope and peace.  If for no other reason, we celebrate the birthday of a good man – just as we have throughout history (Who would protest celebrating Martin Luther King – as a good man?) – where is it wrong?  What harm can befall a child or an adult in celebrating or recognizing goodness?

MERRY CHRISTMAS – Experience the wonder and awe of a joyous season.

Christmas tree


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – A Feeling

  1. I don’t find Christmas is controversial Mary though many people have hurt the day itself by extreme commercialism. The celebration, when boiled down is one of family joy and sharing even outside of Christianity. I wish You and Your Family a very Merry Christmas Day and season, celebrating the birth of Jesus and rejoicing in God’s name. To each their own forever. Hugs

  2. Mary, I agree with you. If Christmas is to commercialized, it is because we hawe let it happen. We all have choices. Merry Christmas. Love you

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