A Taste of One Dance with a Stranger

 A small excerpt – One Dance with a Stranger – by Mary M. Forbes

One Dance with a Stranger by Mary M. Forbes

“Why are you doing this?” She whispered after they dropped Janet off.

‘Because I like to and it’s safe.  It’s hard to do anything with bucket seats and when I’m driving.  I’ll certainly innovate if you really want darlin’.”  Wade smiled slightly.  “Since you’re so concerned about my intentions or lack of affection I just thought I’d put your mind at ease.  Is it working?”

“All you do is tease,” Emily snapped peevishly.

She wasn’t finding anything agreeable at the moment.  She just wanted to relieve that frustrating ache continuously rampaging within.  He knew that.  Was there a cruel streak inside that made him want to hurt her?  He kept saying things but never actually doing anything.

“Some wise person, a beautiful blonde in fact, once told me that anticipation was better than the act.”  Wade was watching the winding road as they approached the house.

“What would she know?”  Emily mumbled angrily.

She really didn’t want to keep that promise anymore.  She wouldn’t even feel guilty.  It was ludicrous of Tony to ask that.  They stopped and Wade came around to open her door.  Reaching inside he let her body slide along his as he helped her down.  She moaned, closing her eyes.  No, she didn’t feel even slightly guilty.

“What indeed,” Wade let his lips whisper along her forehead and cheek for a moment.  Then he set her back.  His body was taut.  “Maybe this will teach her not to make such ridiculous promises in the future.”

“Is this some perverted lesson?  She sounds awfully obtuse to me.”  Emily wailed.

She went into the house, wishing he would follow her to her bedroom.  He didn’t.


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