Chapter Two – Jacques, the Modern Explorer

Indian on horseback

And of course Spotted Eagle just laughed once again.  Jacques was thinking these heathens  were not human but some other species after all.  Surely, if people of the civilized world could create such an advanced society, these people, too should realize their safety was of the utmost importance. Living a safe life brought contentment and peace.

“Why not a seat-belt?  You realize they do save lives.  Who wouldn’t want that?”  Jacques was curious as to the answer – just as he was curious as to what would happen if he went without one. He quickly hid that thought, realizing it was such a ridiculous thing.

Was this what outside air did to a normal, sane person.  People inside the civilized area were not allowed to be crazy.  Such modern advancement in medication eliminated that quite nicely.

“Out here, falling outta your boat gonna be the last thing you gonna worry about.”  Spotted Eagle sobered.  “Come on get into boat and we gonna go to village and pick up some supplies.”

Breathing a sigh of relief. There surely they would have bottled water and Purel – those things absolutely essential to traveling.  Jacques climbed in the shaky little vessel. It was an odd feeling riding on the water.  Inside they did not allow anything, even animals or birds to pollute the water.

After rowing for a few minutes his arms would do no more.

“Get rowing, Jacques.  We need four guys.”  Spotted Eagle couldn’t keep the smirk from spreading through his wrinkles.

“I can’t.”  Jacques’ arms dangled at his side, tingling and numb simultaneously. “I’m nearly forty you know.”

     “And that means…”

     “We aren’t encouraged to use strength.  It’s horrible and barbaric.”

     “How you gonna stay healthy and fit.”  Spotted Eagle asked, looking at him like he were the odd creature.

     “Our technology in medicine ensures a long healthy….”

   “Boring…”  Spotted Eagle interrupted.

   “I was going to say happy life.”  Jacques wondered if he didn’t sound like a surly child.

This caused Spotted Eagle to smirk deeper.  Oh yes – he claimed to be a hundred.  Just like everything else, Jacques doubted anything coming out of his mouth was true.

 Little Bob looked very confused.

When his father nodded and Bob took the oars, Jacques was much too weary to protest. This air in the new world was causing him to want to sleep.

Then they rounded a bend in the river and everything but the sights before him left.  Now, he was truly in a foreign place, where nothing was familiar. He felt scared, very scared.

He’d read about horses – but never in all his dreams would he have expected to see a naked man (or were these people human?) on horseback.  Imagine the disease and germs crawling over his body.  Did he care? His body was bulging and looked grotesque with huge muscles, unlike anything he’d ever seen before.

The village was a bunch of pointed circle things scattered all over hell’s half-acre with total disregard as to how much land or space they were selfishly using.  Then he saw the weird tree in the center – which made the guy on horseback look almost normal.

“What on earth is that?”


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