A Night Out

Lost Moose

Overlooking the lake at The Lost Moose Lodge – by Carol, Malibu Dreams Photography

There are those times when you should just forget everything to spend an enjoyable time with friends and relatives.

My birthday is in August and I celebrated by driving up into the mountains to a unique place called ‘The Lost Moose’.

This restaurant offers real barbecue foods in a wonderful setting.   Overlooking the Okanagan Valley we could see Penticton and Kelowna lights (British Columbia) and all the little towns between scattered along the huge Lake Okanagan.

With my husband and  a few close friends we laughed and talked into the evening, all the while enjoying the sights ‘The Lost Moose’ offered.  It was a time to remember and hold dear to my heart.

2 thoughts on “A Night Out

  1. That’s okay. We are so busy – my head spins. I’m sure I missed yours too – unless I see it at the moment, I forget. It was fun. The scenery at the Lost Moose was breath-taking.

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