Interview with John Lavan – Poet

An Interview with John Lavan

 John Lavan writes Poetry – ‘I’m a born-again poet starting after 50 and (finally) finding my passion!’

His book is called FAMILIAL.  It is a book of SELECTED POEMS – an e-book of poems that will touch your soul – money back guarantee.

The author who influenced John the most was Emily Dickinson.

John’s advice to all new/up-coming authors: – Keep going and steal mercilessly.

John’s best experience in writing is – Getting in touch with my real feelings for my son Andrew, who has Down’s.

John Lavin is published in American magazines and e-zines. He has won prizes in UK poetry competitions.

Familial was Published in August 2012

Familial Selected Poems by John Lavan

You can find Familial – this beautiful collection of poems at:

To learn more about John Levan please visit:

Poems from Reality
Beautiful Word Poems

Thank you, John for the opportunity to discuss your works. Good luck on all future endeavors.

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