A Writer’s Tool – The Sky

I was asked once by someone interviewing me why so many people from Saskatchewan are creative. With a low population Saskatchewan produces a large percentage of artists.

I immediately answered – our isolation, our connection with nature. I thought of the sky – which has dominated my life from the time I was a child. If you can’t get creative juices flowing with nature – you may not be creative.

One feeling I get from the skies above is a real knowing there is a God above.  I realize it’s me and often feel fortunate this gift was given to me.  I can see light shining from behind clouds and the knowledge of God penetrates for so long as I can remember.  At this time there are no questions.  It just is.

Sky - sunset

I saw God today. A sunset just a few days ago

Other days, especially those lazy, hazy days of summer I feel the heat – the draining effect of heat which is a wonderful tool as well in my writing.  It helps my explanation on something so simple as why an ambitious person with strength and drive, might give-up.  I know it won’t last – but even knowing I can realistically portray the feelings at the moment.

Sunset in Leduc

A sunset promising another hot day tomorrow.


I often look to the sky for inspiration in my writing.  A storm brewing creates anticipation or even excitement.  A clear sky with a few fluffy clouds floating creates peace and welcoming laziness – not draining – just leisurely.


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