A Writer’s Tool – The Wind

Rare Pheonomen - Fire lights

Wind in the skies.

Wind has the ability to clear my thoughts and get rid of aches in my head.  Those aches I am now aware are caused by the stress of every day living. It’s not a headache – it’s just a niggling pain inside.


Strathmore Parade - Horses


I have always loved the wind even as a child and teen.  Often I  still have an urge to feel the wind. When I was young I often combined the feeling of the wind with riding my horse.  When I felt  the urge for wind and there was none, I rode my horse. I no longer have a horse – so instead I use my vehicle, windows rolled down and speeding down a lonely road.

Prairie Storms

A storm brews in the winds on the prairies.

When I am confused and uptight whether in my writing or in my life, I seek the comfort of the wind.  I find the wind to be one of the greatest writing tools I have.

Rainbow at Victoria Ferries

Amidst the hustle of everyday living – the wind and storm create beauty and cleared my mind.


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