Dilemma of a Modern Writer – Is this possible?

For many years and many centuries women fought for equal rights and equal opportunity.  It wasn’t all that long ago we finally achieved our dreams.

As a writer, I believe we must read, read, read – not only to understand what is good and the ‘how to’ process but to study what is popular (or even fads) of now.

Unfortunately the most horrible book became a best seller and I foolishly bought it.  Fifty Shades of Grey became a best-seller, so much garbage I couldn’t read it.  Life is much to short to waste my time on garbage.

I cannot expand on the most entertaining, accurate review I have ever read by Katrina Lumsden on Goodreads.  She gives Fifty Shades of Grey a one-star review.  I wish we could give negative number reviews.

Christian (the supposed hero) is jealous, a stalker, cruel and doesn’t have a single attribute that should be considered appealing to a modern woman.  The heroine is meek and unbelievably weak for a woman in modern times. In the real world she would seek counseling. Any ‘real’ man would have rushed to her defense and squashed Christian like the bug he is, then built her self-confidence.

This story depressed me – if this is what the modern woman wants I can’t produce it.  I considered my romance novels,  Melisa Hamling (author of Twenty Weeks) said that Wade in my One Dance with a Stranger – was hotter than hot.  I was pleased with the review.  But now I wonder is Wade too nice to be a hero? Will he ever attract a modern woman.  He doesn’t beat women, he doesn’t ‘force’ women and he certainly doesn’t try to control women. But he is strong, sexy and very fun to be around. He also allows a woman to have a brain to think for herself.

One Dance with a Stranger by Mary M. ForbesThen I know I can never create a monster like Christian.  I can never create an unbelievable heroine like Anastasia – so meek and submissive for no apparent reason.  If women today want a dominating, cruel, horrible man then I can only say…


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