Resources – It’s not Written in Stone.

I do know some authors and would-be authors who can’t accept something might need changing.  They may be right but they may be wrong.  If you choose to self-publish it won’t seem to matter.  Your readers make the decision.  It leaves the hands of the author and the publisher. If more readers like it than don’t – you’ve made the right decision.  But it’s human to make mistakes and we are all human.

It is wise to have your book critiqued.  Preferably by more than one person.  Only you can decide which advice to take and which to discard.  There are good critiques and there are bad critiques. Be wary of those that might try to change the whole story.  I once wrote a children’s book and after a few critiques one didn’t like the story at all – it wasn’t Harry Potter caliber.  I was stunned.  How many children’s stories are?  I personally don’t trust anyone who suggests changing the whole story.  I will accept – show/don’t tell – boring – too much explanation – work into story – of course spelling and grammar errors – too unbelievable – are all pieces of advice I accept.  But – it is ultimately my story and I have reasons to write it the way I do.

Trying to make a ‘simple’ story teller into a ‘literary genius’ might be a more unbelievable situation I think.  Each has their own merits and place in books.  It is all a matter of what you seek.  A light, fluffy romance is more likely to be read for someone seeking a relaxing, easy, escapism read where if you want more thought-provoking information a light romance is not what you seek.  It’s all a matter of personal choice and timing.

In my story Paradise on the Horizon I was told by an editor that I made my heroine too arrogant. As it was an editor who gave me that advice I considered it carefully, but then decided not to change her nature.  My reasoning was – my heroine as a Russian Princess during a hard part in her life will still be arrogant. She won’t become meek and passive just because circumstances change – and that arrogance might be a part of her severe struggles.Paradise on the Horizon by Mary M. Forbes

So my recommendation is to carefully weigh all advice and make your own decisions as in the end it’s your story only.  But don’t ever feel words or scenes can’t be changed either.  We are all individuals with different thoughts and ideas.  It’s always a matter of telling a story to me – not necessarily changing a story on another person’s opinion. But if I like the changes I will do so.

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