Resources – Writer’s Block

One of my most favorite sayings is – ‘think of the worst scenario; – failure; think of the best scenario; – completed story.  In the whole scheme of life how important is this?’  Of course  a writer will feel failure to write is devastating – but my comment is meant to alleviate pressure.  I find pressure itself – from yourself, from others – is a guaranteed way to suffer Writer’s Block.

There is also a saying that if there were no deadlines – nothing would ever get done.  I believe this might be true.  Playing is more enjoyable than working.  Children know that. However if you watch children, sometimes work is play to them.  I’m sure everyone with children can recall the time their own child begged to do dishes.  To them swishing in the water was play.  Perhaps they are right.  Learn to enjoy work.

Another method I use when writer’s block happens is to just quit/put it away.  Do something else.  I find watching shows, reading books (although I am guilty of thinking I can do better sometimes), taking pictures and visiting someone or somewhere you like all help.

My first completed book was Hawk’s Gift.  Since then I have changed it and edited often including changing the cover – but at this moment I was very proud of myself.

Oddly, I don’t suffer writer’s block very often. I do understand you can’t avoid the pressure when meeting deadlines.  When that happens I find doing something else – just for a while is more helpful than staring at a blank piece of paper.  Learn to enjoy the beauty life offers and you will be surprised at the way this method helps writer’s block.  If you are complaining or worrying about other matters in your life it’s hard to concentrate  on what you have to do for a completely unrelated topic.  Unless you can figure out a way to incorporate the problems consuming your mind, you have to ‘walk away’ and find something better to consume your mind for a while.

I find organizing my thoughts into priorities helps me.  Once I have placed a problem/project into its’ rightful place I move on to number two.  It works for me.

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