Romance and Reality

Love is often considered a physical attraction, but beware. When you are attracted to someone and they reciprocate life becomes a joy.  The sun shines brighter, the birds sing better and you are happier.  The need to be together makes you anxious when you are apart.  If you are working or going to school you long for the day to end.

Being in love will be one of the happiest times in your life.  Don’t rush to end it.  Enjoy this time.  For there are many things that will interfere with the privacy and the happiness you feel in the moment.  The best advice I can give anyone – learn and understand the person you are in love with.  From morals and principals to how to raise a child, there are conflicting troubles looming in the future.  When you are in love it might not seem important; when you are in love little quirks might seem easily changed; when you’re in love some things might seem funny that aren’t really;

Don’t rush into a permanent relationship and live to regret your decisions.

In the next few blogs I will explore the affect of family, religion (or lack of it), work,finances and other obstacles can have on a relationship that seemed so urgent when you decided to make it permanent.

I recall believing myself that unconsciously that I could change a person – only to learn a hard lesson.  Every individual can only change themselves.  Some people will and might change – for love – but often live to regret their decision and learn to resent their partner.

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