It Starts with You: – Animals

A method I use to relieve stress is to watch birds and animals.  From a hummingbird darting around my flowers to a baby robin who fell from the nest, I marvel at my experiences.  I fed that baby robin (earthworms and ants)  when he stayed beneath my verandah until he learned to fly.  A few months later my son and I were sitting on the steps when a robin flew between us and stood there with no fear.  I am sure it was my ‘baby’ robin.

I was amazed in the mountains when I saw the red and blue woodpeckers.  Although we had woodpeckers around on the farm they were usually brown. One day, seated on my deck I felt the most wondrous feeling invade when a young woodpecker, just learning to fly, jumped on to my shoulder.  Startling me, I turned my head and he immediately flew to the rail. Next time I will just stay still and look out of the corner of my eye.

Unfortunately the picture I managed to get doesn’t show the blue body as he was in the shade. He made me laugh and lightened my mood immediately.

In the summer I usually wake up to squirrels chattering whenever I go out on my deck. They seem to dislike my invasion into their territory.  Instead of annoying me they also make me smile.

I managed to capture a unique sight when I captured these deer in our yard – a mother deer kissing her baby.

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