It Starts with You: – Faith

I was brought up a Christian.  Mostly I didn’t really ‘connect’ when I was young.  I saw no reason to question the truth as I couldn’t imagine my parents would lie. I feel that way to this day. There was no meanness or harsh punishment for me in my childhood.  I sometimes imagined, which is my way as a writer.  Now I remember – I would see Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem in the night sparkling snowbanks from pictures on Christmas cards.  I believed and that is the only way I can recall His presence.

German Bible

As I grew older hardships and disasters came my way.  The first time I was aware and connected it was a song.  After an incident that placed me in a situation by pure luck (I thought it was luck) I heard a song – ‘I believe there are angels among us’.  I felt a presence – literally.  I realized something had helped prevent a disaster. My Guardian Angel had placed me in safety.

When the worse possible hardship happened, I again felt a presence. A song – ‘There has to be a morning after, if I can make it through the night.’ was my sign.  At this time I looked for it. I needed it and it gave me peace and helped me continue to function.

He is there if you look for it, but in everyday living we ignore and don’t feel it.  Take time to look and feel. It will be there. Open your mind.

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