Calgary, Alberta

I always loved Calgary, even as a child.  Calgary meant an exciting, vibrant city. When I finally went there, it was all I thought and better. The first time I saw the city at night, the lights were awesome.

Now, although I don’t live there I long to return.  I have a son who lives there with my new grand-daughter and the friends I made are fantastic.  They still live in Calgary.  Most of my close relatives live there or near there.  Sometimes I feel so isolated.

Two of my stories are set in or around Calgary.   Alberta Wild Rose, a historical romance is set in the surrounding area of Calgary.  And One Dance with a Stranger, a contemporary romance is set in Calgary.

The story I’m working on, Seraphim, also takes place mainly in Calgary.

 This is a picture my son took just recently – Calgary, Alberta 2012


This is a picture my friend took a few years ago when leaving Calgary.

Thank you Carol of Malibu Dreams Photography. 

As there is no Tim Horton’s where I live now, using Adobe Photoshop, I inserted a cup of my favorite brew into another picture Carol (Malibu Dreams Photography) took at Lake Louise, near Calgary.

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