To feel: – freedom/wind

When I was young I used to feel the most free when I was galloping in the wind.  Wind would actually blow all thoughts from my mind and I just felt the wind.  When I moved into the city it was different.  I couldn’t just step out my back door and mount a horse.  I had other things to concern myself with, children, family, a job and a house to maintain.  I wasn’t so free.

  A painting of my beloved horses I painted.

Now I take my grandson and we go ‘cruising’.  We roll the windows down, have the radio blasting and we sing at the top of our lungs.  He’s only seven, but he loves it including the country tunes I listen to.

A mountain waterfall – by Malibu Dreams Photography

Raging water also gives me a feeling of freedom.  There are so many rules and regulations someone has insisted the government put on our freedom.  When I look at the water and consider weather in general – I know that there are things that can’t be controlled – things that are completely free – and hopefully always will be.

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