To Feel: – Sadness/Sounds

There are many things throughout our life that cause sadness.  I doubt anyone can say they are not touched by sadness.  But as a writer, sometimes sadness needs to be summoned from within and is sometimes very elusive.

Some things that can create sadness within me are listening to sounds.  When I was young, growing up in isolation in Northern Saskatchewan, I can remember hearing the sounds of coyotes howling late at night, if I woke up.  Always late at night, always in the cold winter,  always when everyone else was sleeping, it was a poignant sound.

When I was an adult we lived near Fish Creek Park in Calgary for a time.  One night I woke to that exact same sound.  It was winter, it was late, everyone was sleeping.  It brought back memories and it created that exact same feeling – sadness.

Northern Saskatchewan is scattered with thousands of lakes and sloughs.  Lakes are surrounded by white, fine sandy beaches and sloughs are surrounded by trees, pussy willow shrubs and grasses.  When I was around them, usually at dusk, there would sometimes be a piercing sound that filled me with sadness – a loon.  Again, it always seemed to be dusk, but this time in the summer.

Now, it is hard to step out my door and hear those sounds or listen to them in the middle of the night.  But I have discovered a new method to make me sad.  A song by Vince Gill – ‘The lonely sound of my voice calling is driving me insane….but nobody answers when I call your name’   makes the tears stream down my cheeks. There are other songs which are capable of doing this but this song is guaranteed for me.

Happy writing and – listen to the sounds around you.

5 thoughts on “To Feel: – Sadness/Sounds

  1. This photo reminds me of information I came across when looking up the meaning of a lone wolf’s howl. I was surprised to find that the wolf howls when he is mourning the loss of his family. They are pack dogs and become emotional when losing track of their family. It rather touched me as does this post. Lesley

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