The Setting of One Dance with a Stranger

There is a city – nestled in the foothills of the Blue Canadian Rockies, where the lights at night wind for miles and miles.  These lights can create an awesome sight for travelers in darkness who suddenly topping a hill, see this breath-taking picture.  I never tire of the beckoning lights of Calgary.

The city is vibrant, thriving and so clean you can eat off the streets.  Calgary has always had the ability to tear down garbage areas and when they decide something is a ‘heritage building’ – it is exactly that – stately, maintained and impressive. Calgary is ‘cow-town’ regardless of how people try to change it.  The Calgary Stampede was picked as the fourth best place to party – in the world.  Country bars and country hospitality reigns supreme.  There are other options for anyone who doesn’t like ‘cow-town’ – but no one is able to destroy the country atmosphere either.

I left home once when I was sixteen with my best friend.  Coming from a small farming community in the middle of nowhere the idea of living in Calgary was too irresistible.  So with $10.00 in our pockets and an enthusiasm I would love to have now we left.  A job literally fell into our laps.  A man approached us in the bus-stop cafe and told us of a hotel that was looking for workers.  We had no idea whether it was a good job or a bad job.  We started working immediately and one of the girls who was also a waitress offered us a cheap place to live.  We shared a house – four girls who had adventures and fun together. But reality was knocking.  I went back home to finish my schooling – but was always determined Calgary was the place I wanted to live.

Although I have traveled all over North America many times, Calgary is still my choice,  I love visiting, seeing everything but I want to go home to Calgary.  I raised my children in Calgary.

When I was wrote my fourth book – I no longer lived in Calgary.  I was homesick.  So I wrote a romance of Emily who, for reasons that happened in her childhood, hates the country atmosphere and the ‘dirt’ it creates. She meets  Wade, a true cowboy – a rancher and a superstar country singer.  The sparks fly.  Conflicts fall into place easily.  I fell in love with my hero immediately – but being a different person I could see why Emily didn’t want to.

I design my own covers.  The back cover of my book One Dance with a Stranger is a picture my son took at dusk and I created using Adobe Photoshop.  It is mysterious and beckons me to go back to a place I love.

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