As a child horses symbolized freedom to me.  The wind seemed to blow all worries and problems away until there was nothing left inside except a feeling of exhilaration and enjoyment.  Thinking of this I recall writing a poem – from a horses’ point of view. I found the poem and wanted to share it with you. It brings back memories of a time when life was carefree and problems easily solved thanks to my horse.


I love the feel of the wind, whistling through my mane.

I love the sound of my hooves, go pounding down the lane.

I love the feeling of freedom, that only my heart must know.

I love the call of the wild, this feeling I must show.

On a high mountain crag, in a valley so low.

No man on earth can catch me.  The whole world I show.

The last rays of sunlight, sink over the deserted sands.

I’ll take my very last gallop, over across the lands.


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