Short Stories from One Word

For a time my young e-mail buddy and I were giving each other one word and requesting a unique short story.  It was an interesting challenge.  Once he gave me the word – Yellow.

I am Yellow

I am the beams that wash the meadows with light in the early
morning.  I touch the delicate buttercup
petals with beauty.  I am the ring that
binds together – forever and with love.
I am the smooth creamy delight put on a freshly baked piece of
bread.  I am the symbol of friendship
which people express when they send roses.
I am light and I am hope for all living beings wrapping them in warmth
and comfort.  You can see me peeking
through billowing clouds, a feeling of above, a feeling of belief we are not

But I am also the heat that kills and destroys.  I can turn lands into parched deserts where
life is harsh.  I can kill plants and
life.  Only water can restore my
damage.  I am the explosion of power
sought and gained by many.

I am complex.  Do not
come to close to my light. I work together with the darkness, water and the
winds.  I give life and I take life.  I am the color yellow.

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